How to choose a centrifuge

- Jul 13, 2019-

(1) The purpose of centrifugation, analysis of centrifugation or preparation of centrifugation;

(2) The type and quantity of the sample, whether it is cell, virus, or protein, the amount of the sample. Based on these factors, decide whether to purchase analytical centrifuge or centrifuge; whether it is low speed, high speed or over speed; whether it is a large capacity, constant or trace amount centrifuge.

(3) Economic ability: When the model is determined, the manufacturer and price should be considered, the price and product performance is synchronized.

(4) Other details: such as whether the centrifugal operation is simple, whether the maintenance is convenient, whether the design is outdated, and whether the supply of vulnerable parts is convenient, and so on.

(5) Matching problem: It is impossible for a centrifuge to operate at low speed, high speed and over speed at the same time. Generally speaking, the ultra-speed centrifuge is limited to ultra-speed centrifugation. It is not suitable for high speed centrifugation and is not suitable for low speed centrifugation. The same high speed centrifuge is not suitable for low speed centrifugation. Therefore, the purchase of ultra-speed centrifuge should consider equipping with high-speed centrifuge, otherwise it will not play its advantage. Generally speaking, low speed and high speed centrifuges have high frequency of use, and the utilization rate of the ultra-speed centrifuge is low. The ultra-speed centrifuge is only used in the laboratory or considering regional common settings.