Home oxygen therapy

- Jul 11, 2019-

1.Scientific choice of oxygen therapy time; for some patients with mild hypoxia, daily half an hour to 1 hour of oxygen therapy is enough; for patients with severe bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and severe asthma, home oxygen therapy experts recommend more than 12 hours of oxygen daily to ensure adequate oxygen per day.

2.Choose the appropriate oxygen flow; for general hypoxia patients, choose 2L ~ 3L/minute oxygen flow for oxygen therapy; for patients with severe hypoxia, the use of oxygen flow of more than 5L/min is more suitable. The oxygen flow rate is selected according to the actual condition of the patient.

3.The water in the humidification tank should be replaced frequently; in general, when the water in the humidification tank is slightly turbid, the humidification tank must be replaced and cleaned at this time. The home oxygen therapy expert recommends replacing the water in the humidification tank once a day and cleaning it to ensure oxygen sanitation.

4.Nasal plug and nasal suction oxygen tube should be cleaned and disinfected regularly; it is best to disinfect every day, and replace the new nasal plug and nasal suction tube every week.

5.Pay attention to the safety measures during oxygen therapy; since oxygen has combustion-supporting properties, it should be kept away from open flames when oxygen is absorbed, and should be placed in a cool and ventilated place when not using household oxygen generators.