Functional Characteristics of Automated Hematology Analyzer

- Feb 27, 2019-

Functional Characteristics of Automated Hematology Analyzer:

Automated hematology analyzer, called blood cell counter in the early years, has become one of the most commonly used screening instruments for clinical tests at home and abroad. It has the strong characteristics of high precision, fast speed, easy operation and strong function. It can be combined with the picture preparation and staining instrument, and the latter completes the morphological re-examination after the blood analyzer detection. The function of modern hematology analyzer has been extended to the examination of humoral cells, white blood cell counts and classification. Currently, the hematology analyzer using multiple detection principles have emerged, providing effective blood cell detection parameters for different levels of clinical needs, which are important clinical significance for disease diagnosis and treatment.

Its functions are as follows: 

1. Whole blood count function (red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet count and associated calculation parameters) 

2, Leukocyte classification function (three or five classification white blood cell percentage and absolute value) 

3, Extended functions of blood cell count and classification include: nucleated red blood cell count, reticulocyte count and related parameters detection; immature granulocyte, immature granulocytes, hematopoietic stem cell count; immature platelet ratio; lymphocyte subtype count; cellular immune phenotype detection.