Electric suction unit routine maintenance

- Jan 09, 2019-

Electric suction unit routine maintenance

(1) The airtightness of the rubber connecting pipe, the gas storage and the liquid storage bottle stopper should be checked frequently. Found aging, damage and timely replacement.

(2) If the starting negative pressure does not meet the requirements, after eliminating other reasons, consider replacing the air pump diaphragm.

(3) When using, care should be taken not to make the liquid level of the buffer bottle exceed the pipette. If the liquid is inadvertently flowed into the anti-backflow valve, the attraction will disappear. At this point, it is necessary to stop the machine and empty the liquid, wash and reassembled the parts before use.

(4) If there is no special need, do not tighten the “negative pressure adjustment” hand button. In this way, one can avoid starting the machine load. Secondly, it can avoid accidents caused by excessive suction.

(5) Non-electrician personnel, do not touch the components in the box when the machine is not powered off.

(6) When the machine is stopped, please unplug the power cord.