ECG Machine Routine maintenance

- Feb 03, 2019-

ECG Machine Routine maintenance:

The ECG machine should be regularly maintained and maintained to prolong the life of the ECG machine and its components. Specific requirements are as follows:

Keep the electrode clean after each day of ECG recording. If there is rust on the electrode made of copper alloy, the rust stain can be wiped off with fine sandpaper, and then immersed in physiological saline overnight to form a stable film on the surface. The silver-plated electrode can be washed with water and wiped dry to avoid scratching the silver plating layer.

The core wire or shield of the lead cable is easy to break and damage, especially near the joints at both ends, do not be pulled or twisted. When collecting, it should be made into large diameter rings or suspension to avoid excessive distortion or sharp angle folding.

AC and DC ECG machines should be charged in time to prolong battery life.

The ECG machine should avoid high temperature, sun, dampness, dust or impact, and cover the dust cover.

Open the cover every six months for dust removal, dehumidification and inspection. Remove dust from the board in time to ensure the dryness of the inside of the machine, avoiding short circuits caused by dampness or dust, and damaging the board.

The performance of the electrocardiograph is regularly checked by the medical instrument maintenance department. The hot pen recording electrocardiograph should adjust the pressure and temperature of the hot pen according to the thermal sensitivity of the recording paper and the paper feed speed. Electrocardiographs often have artifacts and disturbances in use. In severe cases, they will affect the normal trace of the ECG and should be checked in time.