Dynamic development of in vitro diagnostic market in China

- Oct 19, 2018-

Dynamic development of in vitro diagnostic market in China

Source: Golden giant 

Abstract: China's in vitro diagnostic (IVD) market is expected to be in the future. Immunodiagnosis is the largest sub-area in IVD, and chemiluminescence has become the leading technology for immunodiagnosis. From the field of application of chemiluminescence, infectious diseases are the largest and tumor markers are the fastest growing.

At present, the domestic chemical luminescence market is basically monopolized by overseas giants. Of which Roche, Abbott, Siemens and Danaher four giants occupy 90% of the market share, is the lowest in the IVD subdivision field. Domestic enterprises, new industries, Antu, Mindray, and Perlute have achieved technological breakthroughs in the fields of cancer, infectious diseases, cardiac markers, thyroid function, and high-end markets of tertiary hospitals and secondary and lower hospitals. The low-end market has achieved certain import substitution results.

As a life science field with high technical barriers, chemiluminescence has high requirements on technology level and product performance. Companies that have achieved technological breakthroughs will enjoy the dual dividends of rapid development and import substitution. Drawing on the history of biochemical diagnostic import substitution, the import substitution of future immunodiagnosis is the trend of the times. At the same time, with the further upgrading of domestic enterprise technology and the support of industrial policies, it is expected to usher in the acceleration of import substitution.