Development trend of infusion pumps

- May 12, 2019-

1. Function will be more comprehensive: intravenous, blood transfusion, delivery of intestinal nutrient solution;

2. Consumables will be cheaper: no need to use dedicated pressure infusion set as consumable, ordinary gravity infusion sets will be more convenient and cheaper;

3. Safety problem is more prominent: the use of ordinary gravity infusion device is prone to consumables confusion, resulting in precision errors and other risks;

4. It will be more widely used: After solving the problem of inexpensiveness and safety of consumables, all bedside infusion will use the infusion pump, the amount will be blowout;

5. Supervision will be more strict: With the increase in the number of infusion pumps and the diversification of consumables, there will be a large number of medical accidents and medical risks in the use of infusion pumps, and the relevant state agencies will face more severe regulatory situations, regulations and measures will be more stringent.