Development opportunities and trends in the medical device industry

- Mar 09, 2019-

Eight opportunities:
1. National policy environment is conducive to industry development
2. The market continues to expand
3. New medical reform stimulates the rapid growth of low-end devices
4. domestic independent innovation equipment continues to emerge
5. Import and export continue to increase
6. Accelerated mergers and acquisitions in the industry
7. home equipment flourish
8. The rise of third-party services
Ten trends in the future:
The medical device industry will face unprecedented opportunities in the new economic development cycle
The medical health industry based on "big health, great health, great medicine" is expected to become the fastest growing industry in the development of the national economy and become the pillar and new impetus for China's economic development.
The integration of the medical device industry will intensify, and concentration will increase rapidly.
The supply-side structure reform of the medical industry promotes the further development of the medical device industry
Industry regulation is becoming more stringent
New technologies and innovative products will be introduced
The closed integration of "Internet +" with the medical device industry
Promote a new model of "pharmaceutical + device integration"
Capital helps the development of the medical device industry
Rapid development of artificial intelligence application service
Reprinted: medworld Medical Device World