Development of magnetic resonance imaging equipment in China

- Aug 10, 2019-

Domestic MRI market status:

2016-2021 China medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment industry special survey and investment value forecast report statistics, 2011 to 2015, China's annual sales of magnetic resonance equipment increased from 892 to 1507, compound annual growth rate reached 11.1%, The number of possessions increased from 4,381 to 9,089 units, with a compound annual growth rate of 15.7%; the number of magnetic resonance equipment per million population increased from 3.3 to 6.6. Then the market develops faster. By 2020, the installed capacity of only 1.5T magnetic resonance in China will increase 4,451 units. Despite this, China's per capita magnetic resonance equipment possession amount is still at a low level, and it is still difficult to meet medical needs.

The future challenges of the MRI market

According to the report, with the continuous development of medical technology, magnetic resonance equipment has been greatly improved in terms of accuracy, applicability and effectiveness. This will prompt a large number of "old" magnetic resonance equipment to "retire" in advance, triggering new market demand. The "Report" also mentioned that at present, some large-scale teaching hospitals in China are also updating and introducing clinical research-type magnetic resonance equipment. The establishment of the regional medical imaging center will promote the development of the medical imaging industry. At the same time, the state's support for domestic equipment far exceeds the past. This will accelerate the localization of medical imaging diagnostic equipment and promote the rapid increase in the market share of domestic equipment. Domestic magnetic resonance equipment enterprises are facing major development opportunities. Whether can rapidly develop new generation of superconducting magnetic resonance will be an important issue for Chinese MRI manufacturers.