Common faults of Fiber Rhinolaryngoscope

- Jul 27, 2019-

Common Fault

Cause of Fault


No image or black image

1.No cold light source connected

2. The monitor output signal is not converted

3. TV adapter or laryngoscope cable is not connected

1.Check and connect correctly

2.Check the monitor's mode selection

3.Check converter connector and cable for correct selection

Blurred image

1. The eyepiece focal length is not adjusted well

2. The eyepiece surface is not clean

3. Camera shift

1.Adjust the focus ring

2.Wipe the eyepiece with a cleaning wiper to remove dirt.

3. Adjust the camera

Darken image

1. The light guide window glass or light guide is polluted

2. The bulb size used by the light source does not match.

3. Light guide fiber aging

1. Wipe the light guide window with a soft cloth dampened with ethanol

2. Replace the lamp with the same specifications as the light source as required.

3. Need to be sent to the designated maintenance department or contact a professional technician for maintenance

Laryngoscope operation adjustment knob fails

1. It is possible to internally pull the steel wire after long-term use

2. The adjustment knob is not in the free-active position

1. Please consult a professional technician

2. Place the adjustment knob in the free-active position

The attachment cannot pass the biopsy tube

The pipe is blocked by foreign matter

2. The attachment does not match the endoscope model

1. Straighten the front end through the instrument, then bend the front end to make the attachment reach the lesion.

2. Select matching attachments