Classification and basic introduction of electronic sphygmomanometer

- Oct 11, 2018-

Classification and basic introduction of electronic sphygmomanometer:

Wrist electronic sphygmomanometer:

A type of electronic sphygmomanometer. A small bowl with a palm size, shape and wrist clearance, made of antibacterial material, digitally showing blood pressure and pulse rate.

Wrist sphygmomanometer measured pressure value is the "pulse pressure value" of the wrist artery. For the most middle-aged and the elderly, especially those with high blood viscosity, poor microcirculation, patients with vascular sclerosis, etc. There is a big difference between the population, the wrist-type sphygmomanometer and the average value of multiple measurements with the upper-arm sphygmomanometer - it is very common to have a difference of ±1.3 kPa (10 mmHg) or more. For individuals who have had sphygmomanometers, it is recommended for personal monitoring - you can keep track of your own "blood pressure" changes, but make it clear that it is not a customary "blood pressure value" but a "wrist pulse pressure value".

Precautions for use

1. Quiet rest for a while before measurement to eliminate the effects of tension and fatigue on blood pressure;

2. The arm of the examinee should be at the same height as the heart position;

3. The cuff is placed flat and the tightness is suitable for inserting two fingers;

4. Generally, the test can be carried out 2~3 times, and the lowest value is taken as the data of the blood pressure.

Arm type sphygmomanometer:

The measurement method is similar to the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer. The brachial artery is measured. Because the arm band is placed on the upper arm, the measurement stability is better than that of the wrist sphygmomanometer. It is more suitable for older, arrhythmia, diabetes, peripheral vascular aging, etc. The disadvantage is that the arm type sphygmomanometer is less convenient than the wrist type sphygmomanometer.

The correct use of the arm type electronic sphygmomanometer:

Sit for a few minutes, put your arms into the armband then bind

Bare arms or only in thin clothes;

The arm band is moderately tied so that one finger can fit in;

The center of the armband is at the same height of the heart;

Below the arm band is 1-2 cm from the elbow joint.

Press the user button to start measuring automatically

When the measurement is done, the palm is relaxed and the palm is up;

Keep calm during the measurement process and relax your body;

Do not talk and move your body during the measurement process.

The result shows that manual shutdown or automatic shutdown

After the measurement is completed, the blood pressure value and the pulse value are displayed;

If there are special circumstances, there will be hint of arrhythmia.

The data is automatically uploaded to the Boumi Health Management Platform;

After the measurement is completed, press any key to turn off;

If you forget to turn off the phone, the sphygmomanometer will automatically turn off in 60s.

Watch sphygmomanometer:

The watch type sphygmomanometer is the latest type of sphygmomanometer that is different from the wrist type electronic sphygmomanometer. It is the same size as an ordinary watch, and it is worn in the same way as an ordinary watch. The body is usually located on the back side of the hand. The body of the wrist electronic sphygmomanometer is usually measured on the side of the palm.

Voice electronic sphygmomanometer:

Overview: The voice electronic sphygmomanometer adds a voice broadcast function to the original electronic sphygmomanometer, which solves the problem that the elderly can't see clearly and is more humanized.