Characteristics of Medical Surgical Light

- Jan 23, 2019-

Characteristics of Medical Surgical Light:
In fact, the essence of medical operation lamp, which is different from ordinary lamp, is to meet the special requirements of surgery.
First, the operating room lighting brightness requirements, two, safe surgical lighting, three, shadowless requirements, four, cold light requirements, five, detachable disinfection requirements. Medical surgical lamps include two series of integral reflective surgical lamps and perforated surgical lamps. The integral reflective surgical lamps are also molecular mother lamps and single lamps; the perforated surgical lamps are also divided into two types: molecular mother lamps and single lamps. Medical surgical lamps can guarantee the brightness of the operating room. The surgeon must be able to accurately distinguish the contour, color and movement. Therefore, it is necessary to close the light intensity of daylight quality, and the light intensity of at least 100,000 illuminance can be used. Provides a single lamp with a brightness of up to 150,000 illuminance, and the brightness of the surgical lamp can be adjusted steplessly. In the event of a malfunction during the operation, the spare bulb can be automatically switched for 0.3 seconds, so the surgical lamp can provide safe surgery illumination. The medical surgical lamp can achieve the requirement of shadowless illumination through the polygonal reflector. The reflective surface is formed by industrial stamping once, and the reflectivity is 95% high, forming a homologous beam. The light column formed from the 80 cm below the lamp plate ensures deep processing. The brightness of the procedure is unshaded and remains very uniform when the surgeon's shoulders, hands and head block part of the light source.