Cautions in the use of Centrifuge

- Jul 12, 2019-

The electric centrifuge is usually used in the laboratory. The electric centrifuge has a fast rotation speed. It is necessary to pay attention to safety. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the centrifuge from moving along the working side of the centrifuge due to unbalance or aging of the test-tube pad during the operation of the centrifuge, so as to fall off the test-bed, or the cover is not covered, the centrifuge tube is broken by vibration, and the glass fragments are rotated and flew out, causing accident. Therefore, the following operations must be taken into account when using the centrifuge.

(1) The bottom of the centrifuge casing should be padded with cotton or test tube pads.

(2) If there is noise or vibration of the electric centrifuge, the power should be cut off immediately to eliminate the fault immediately.

(3) The centrifuge tube must be placed symmetrically into the casing to prevent vibration of the fuselage. If there is only one sample tube, the other one should be replaced by water of equal quality.

(4) When starting the centrifuge, the top cover of the centrifuge should be covered before it can be started slowly.

(5) After separation, the centrifuge should be turned off first, and after the centrifuge stops rotating, the centrifuge cover can be opened to take out the sample, and no external force can be used to force the movement to stop.

(6) The centrifugation time is generally 1 to 2 minutes. During this period, the experimenter must not leave to do other things.