Cautions for using high frequency electrosurgical generator

- Dec 19, 2018-

Cautions for using high frequency electrosurgical generator:

1. Flammable and explosive gas, liquid or other substances are not allowed in the operating room. Because high-frequency electrosurgical surgery will occur sparks and arcs, flammable and explosive materials will burn or explode when meet sparks or arcs.

2. Patients with cardiac pacemakers generally cannot use high-frequency electrosurgical generator, because high frequency interferes with pacemakers, making them work abnormally or even stop. If high-frequency electrosurgical generator must be used, you must take necessary and effective precautions according to the instructions of the pacemaker.

3. The plates must be properly connected and placed, and the contact surface with the patient's skin should be large enough.

4. Do not blindly increase the output power of the electrosurgical generator, just to ensure the surgical effect is limited. Because any risk in high-frequency electrosurgery surgery increases with increasing power. When the power required for surgery is obviously higher than the normal value (generally, the power used in electrosurgical electrosurgery is about 20-80W, special surgery such as amputation is larger), check the placement of the plates, completeness of Pole Plate and Cutter Head Cable, the state of the machine, and the degree of suspension of the patient. Do not increase the output power setting value at well. When the normal power cannot be predicted, it should be gradually tested from small to large until it is just used. Before the end of the machine and before starting the machine, the output power setting value should be kept at a low value, otherwise the excessive power will suddenly be added to the patient.