Black and white ultrasound diagnosis system

- Dec 09, 2018-

A variety of variable frequency probes can be configured to meet various clinical needs; dual probe interface can be switched freely; dynamic broadband low noise preamplifier and double echo processing technology, multi-point dynamic focusing, dynamic variable aperture, dynamic Filtering, gain compensation (TGC), frame correlation, DSC transform interpolation and many other international advanced digital image processing technology and software technology, the image is clear and delicate. It is suitable for diagnosis and examination of abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, blood vessels, heart, small organs and superficial parts. It is a reliable partner for ultrasound doctors and an ideal equipment for hospitals and family planning departments at all levels.

System Characteristics

◆ Dynamic Focus/Receive: Continuous Dynamic Receiver Aperture (CDA)\Continuous Dynamic Receive Focus (CDF), which improves the depth of detection and the resolution of the image.

◆Double probe interface: The system can connect two probes at the same time. When the button is pressed, the system automatically switches the probe, which is convenient to use.

◆ Rich probe group: This system can be configured with six kinds of frequency conversion probes. The system can automatically identify the probe type, and the working frequency is 2.5MHz-8.5MHz, which can fully meet the actual needs of the clinic.

◆ Scientific probe matching: It can prevent the loss of ultrasonic energy and improve the detection performance of the probe and the sharpness of the image.

◆ Broadband frequency conversion probe technology: support a variety of probe frequency conversion work, through the probe frequency conversion, can be adjusted to the required depth of detection to meet the diagnostic needs of patients with different body fat and thin.

◆SVGA multi-standard output: In addition to the ordinary video output interface, the system also has SVGA output interface, which can be connected to high-resolution display to obtain fine and flicker-free high-quality images.

◆ Level 2 image processing

Preprocessing: dynamic filtering, various gain compensation and adjustment, etc.

Post processing: frame correlation, grayscale curve, line correlation, dynamic range, STC, edge enhancement, etc.

◆ Large-capacity film playback: 128-frame large-capacity film playback, which allows B-ultrasound doctors to easily select satisfactory images.