Basic introduction of Sperm Analyzer

- Dec 29, 2018-

The sperm analyzer is a semen analysis instrument that combines computer technology and image processing technology. It quickly analyzes the trajectories of sperm in multiple fields of view through microscope and computer, and objectively records the density, activity, activity rate and survival rate of sperm various parameters.

Working Principle:

Taking gray-scale recognition CASA as an example, high-resolution photography technique is combined with microscope, and the semen sample is liquefied and inhaled and counted. After being magnified by microscope, image acquisition system is used to acquire sperm dynamic and static images and then input into computer. According to the set sperm size and gray scale, sperm movement shift and motion parameters, the collected images are subjected to dynamic analysis of dozens of test items such as sperm density, activity, activity rate and motion characteristics, after being processed by computer, the semen analysis report and the distribution map of sperm dynamic characteristics were printed out. Dynamic detection and analysis of 1000 sperm can be performed at one time, and the test is completed in 2-3 minutes.


It is easy to operate, less dosage, faster detection speed, better repeatability than manual detection, and quickly and accurately determine the sperm density, the vitality, the sperm grading, etc. and various parameters of the sperm movement state can be provided.