Basic Introduction of Four-dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasound

- Dec 08, 2018-

The four-dimensional color ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is the world's advanced color ultrasonic equipment. "4D" is an abbreviation of "four-dimensional". The fourth dimension refers to the vector of time. For ultrasound, 4D ultrasound technology is a newly developed technology and the exclusive technology of Canadian Unisearch Associates Inc. 4D ultrasound technology uses 3D ultrasound images plus time dimension parameters. This revolutionary technology captures 3D images in real time, surpassing the limitations of traditional ultrasound. It provides a wide range of applications including abdomen, blood vessels, small organs, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, neonatal and pediatrics. As a result: a real-time dynamic activity image of your unborn baby, or a real-time moving image of other people's internal organs.

Compared with other 3D ultrasound diagnostic procedures, 4D ultrasound enables the doctor to observe the dynamic motion of the internal organs of the human body in real time. For example, the doctor can judge the development of the fetus based on the movement of the fetus, and the accuracy of the puncture under ultrasound guidance can be improved by observing the three-dimensional plane motion of the puncture needle. Therefore, clinicians and ultrasound doctors can detect and detect various abnormalities.

Four-dimensional color ultrasound is a complete ultrasound system for breast imaging, interventional urology and general medical imaging.