Automatic biochemical analyzer 300Tests/H

- Oct 02, 2018-

Automatic biochemical analyzer 300Tests/H


Technology leading optical path reaction system

Efficient and worry-free automatic flushing system

Intelligent and sensitive liquid level detection system

Easy and quick software operating system

Timely and thoughtful national service network


Detection speed: 300 tests / hour (excluding ion test)

The instrument has a power-on self checking function, and when the self checking is abnormal, a fault prompt is displayed;

The instrument is operated by the window platform, and the whole Chinese system is equipped with a reaction monitoring screen. The operator can know the status of the instrument at any time;

Optional work mode: The test can be arranged in patient order or in the order of the project.

Inspection methods: single, dual wavelength method, single, double reagent method optional.

Analysis mode: absorbance, endpoint method, two-point method, kinetic method, standard curve method, factor method, control tube method;

The instrument is open to reagents, and the project parameters can be preset according to different reagent requirements. After being accurately calibrated, it can be stored in the instrument for clinical examination.

The instrument has an emergency sample insertion function and prioritizes the inspection of emergency samples;

The instrument has sample pre-dilution function and automatic re-test function. When the result is super linear, the instrument can arrange pre-dilution and re-inspection;

The instrument has laborary information system function, which enables real-time monitoring of on-site inspection results;

The instrument has power-off protection function: after the power is restored, the original running program can be continued.

The reagent pool has 24-hour uninterrupted low temperature refrigeration function, and the temperature in the pool is 2 ° C ~ 10 ° C;

Instrument output: project parameters, calibration curve, dynamic response curve, absorbance, concentration, enzyme activity, normal reference value judgment results, and quality control data and quality control chart.