About the self-test steps of the anesthesia machine

- Feb 21, 2019-

About the self-test steps of the anesthesia machine:

1. Confirm that the standby simple respirator is functioning well (used when the anesthesia machine is in serious trouble)

2. Confirm that the center oxygen supply system terminal and the anesthesia machine's reinforced hose connection is correct, and the output pressure is certain.

3. Open the electric switch device and main switch of the anesthesia machine to confirm the normal state

4. Check the flow control system, adjusts the gas flow to the maximum indicated flow, the float moves normally, then shut down.

5. Check the filling level of the evaporator

6. Inspection of the anesthesia machine low pressure system

7. Inspection of anesthesia circuit, the circuit components are connected correctly, there is no water and damage in the respiratory valve and the threaded tube, the CO2 absorbent is full and fresh, if necessary, a humidifier can be installed.

8. Check anesthesia circuit positive pressure leakage, close the gas flow, close the anesthesia circuit exhaust valve, the ventilation selector switch is manual mode, blocking the patient end of the breathing threaded tube Y-joint, rapid oxygenation to make the internal pressure of the circuit reach 30cmH2O, confirm the internal pressure of circuit remains stable for not less than 10 seconds. Open the exhaust valve and confirm that the pressure drops to 0 accordingly.

9. Check anesthesia exhaust gas removal system to ensure correct connection, no obstruction

10. the simulated ventilation experiment of the anesthesia machine, the patient end of the anesthesia circuit, connect the simulated lung, set the ventilation parameters, open the ventilator, confirm that the simulated lung tidal volume during the inspiratory period is consistent with the ventilation setting, and the bellows can be filled during the expiratory period. Respiratory valve is normally closed or turned on.

11. Standby status after the anesthesia machine is checked.

Reprint: New Youth Anesthesia Forum