Emergency Transport Monitor

Emergency Transport Monitor

Emergency Transport Monitor Specification: It is a new generation of specialized ambulance & transport monitor. It is designed according to the rescuing site and ambulance transportation monitoring requirements for practicability, convenience and reliability of emergency treatment, first aid...

Product Details

Emergency Transport Monitor


Model: CNME010107


1. Automatic sound and light dual alarm, the alarm can be set upper and lower limits.

2. Body is Light weight and sturdy, easy to carry, suitable for adults, children and newborns.

3. Water Resistant and Ruggedized Case.

4. Detachable accessory storage and management compartments.

5. Monitoring contents, scan speed, volume and output contents can be set optionally.

Standard Configuration 1:

ECG, RESP, Dual-Temp, SpO2, NIBP, Reserved EtCO2 interface

Standard Configuration 2:

ECG, RESP, Dual-Temp, NIBP, Reserved EtCO2 interface

Optional Configuration:

EtCO2, packet, External battery

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