Multi-reflector Operation Shadowless Lamp

Multi-reflector Operation Shadowless Lamp

multi-reflector operation Shadow less lamp Features: The no welding titanium alloy main arm is adopted, so that the appearance is aesthetic and the rotation is more flexible and convenient. The removable handle sheath can be disinfected at the high temperature of 135 ℃. The demolished panel made...
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Multi-reflector operation Shadow less lamp


Model: CNME010907


1. Shadowless operating lamps meet the requirements of various surgical operations. It is an ideal lighting facility for surgical operations. 

2. Adopted the totally-enclosed structure and streamlined modeling, thus meet to the requirements to clean the operating room.

3. Square, neat light spot. Illuminance within the light spot is average, light's cutting -off show very good.

4. Designed the convenient suspension system and flexible arms, can fixed position all-around to meet different needs of operating position.

5. The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage, making the work voltage permanently stable.

Detailed Pictures:



Perfect color temperature

Based on Trichromatic Theory, the light is closer to natural light, which is good for medical workers to distinguish the colors of vascular tissue, nerve ending and so on.



Illumination in depth

It adopts lamp bulb imported from Germany and provides the best beam depth, which is particularly important for deep operation with small-incision.


Conductive system

Conductive system adopts imported heat-resisting material, thus promising the working life of shadow less lamp


The function of filtering system

Adopting the US blue cold light coating technology, the optical filter could effectively filter ultraviolet rays from the spectrum.