Two Vaporizers Anesthesia Workstation

Two Vaporizers Anesthesia Workstation

two vaporizers anesthesia workstation Applied for closed, semi-closed advanced anesthesia equipment controlled and assisted ventilation. Features: Integrated breathing circuit with APL valve, excellent tightness. Replacing drive bellow is not required when operating Adult/pediatric anesthesia....
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two vaporizers anesthesia workstation


Anaesthetic vapourisers, used for the administration of volatile anaesthetics, have evolved from the simple masks used for open ether anaesthesia to the present day modern electronically controlled vapourisers designed to deliver potent modern inhalation aesthetic agents. An anaesthetic vapouriser must deliver a safe, reliable concentration of volatile agent to the patient. The safe delivery of volatile anaesthesia today is due in part to the development of increasingly advanced vapourisers. 



1. Pneumatically driven and electrically controlled system    

2. Advanced ventilation management, provides a accurate and broad of settings enabling effective care across a wide range of patient sizes and acuity types.

3. Compact breathing system, easy to remove and clean, fully autoclavable, optional CO2 bypass • Electronic flow-meter, precise control and convenient operation

Ventilator parameter:

Working type: Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven

Tidal Volume range: 20-1500ml

Pressure range: 5-80 mbar

Respiration Rate Range: 1-99bpm (1-40bpm under SIMV)

I: E Range: 4:1-1:8

Trigger Range: -20-20cmH2O

Minute volume range: >18L/Min

SIGH range: 0-5/100

System Standard:

Hypoxic guard system: N2O cut-off valve, O2 concentration >25%

Safety valve: <12.5kPa

Fresh gas compensation: 25-75L/Min

Flow meter: 5 tubes, cascade 0-15L/min O2, 

0-15L/min N2O

0-15L/min Air

Volume of CO2 absorber: 2L

Vaporizer: 2 Selectable, maximum 2 mounts

Pipeline supply:

Gas configuration: O2, N2O, Air

Pipeline input range: 280-600kPa


Type: Integrated, Electronic control

Range: OFF, 3_25cmH2O