Semi Automatic Urinalysis Analyzer

semi-automatic urinalysis analyzer Semi-automatic urine analyzer offers ideal urine analysis solutions for small laboratories and hospitals Feature: Friendly interface is convenient for users' operation Built-in thermal printer can print results automatically 4 wavelength cold light source...

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semi-automatic urinalysis analyzer

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Urinalysis is an important clinical examination. It is a diagnostic method for examining disease. pregnant women also need to test urine. It is an semi auto equipment which can determination some chemical composition of the urinary. It is an important tool of medical laboratory for urine automated examination; this instrument has the advantages of simple operation, fast results.


Friendly interface is convenient for users' operation 

Color touch screen display,menu operation interface,convenient operation.

Built-in thermal printer can print results automatically 

4 wavelength cold light source ensure the result accuracy 

Throughput is 60 samples/hour or 120 samples/hour 

14 test items are optional 

It can connect computer with RS-232

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