Fully Automatic Urinalysis System

Fully Automatic urinalysis system It adopts flow cytometry and digital imaging to conduct quantitative analysis of urine formed elements with high precision, providing customers with reliable data. Features: Provide a 120 samples/h total urinalysis solution Utilizing digital imaging analysis...

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Fully Automatic urinalysis system

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Urinalysis is a valuable tool used to diagnose and monitor renal and urinary tract illnesses. Typically it is a moderate to high-sample volume test for a general chemistry lab, representing up to 30% of all samples received. Routine urinalysis consists of macroscopic examination, chemical analysis, and microscopic urine sediment examination.


-Provide a 120 samples/h total urinalysis solution 

-Utilizing digital imaging analysis technology to facilitate precise identification of the visual components in urine

-No centrifugation or stain is required

-Environmentally friendly consumables do not require special disposal, saving time and cost 

-Friendly design, maintenance and operation can be completed in minutes

-Complete QC system for accurate and reliable results

-Excellent after-sales service and support

-Bridge-free combination, save time and available to handle sample accuratly

-Efficient, fast and contamination-free

-Complete and illustrated report, with urine chemistry test results, urine formed elements test results and urine physical parameters, provides meaningful support to clinic diagnosis

Working principle

The fully Automatic urine formed elements analyzers use automated morphological microscopy technology to capture real images of urine formed elements, and then locate and track, recognize, classify and count them. Other features include flexible semi-auto sample loading system, automatic recognition, classification and quantitation of urine formed elements, and real whole view-field microscopic images of urine formed elements.                                    

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