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    • Mobile C-arm System X Ray Machine

      Mobile C-arm System X Ray Machine

      1.Unique motor-driven supporting arm
      2.Unique hand-held controller design
      3.High-quality high frequency high-voltage X-ray generator
      4.Stable and reliable imported image intensifier
      5.High-resolution television system

    • Portable Medical Infusion Pump Machine

      Portable Medical Infusion Pump Machine

      1. HD LCD Display, high capacity words, friendly user interface, dynamically display working status;
      2. Audible and visual alarm for occlusion, empty, low battery, end of infusion, door open, wrong setting, etc., which gain patents;
      3. Compatible with any brands of infusion sets after correct calibration;
      4. Preset solution volume to greatly reduce the workload of nurses;

    • Portable External Defibrillator Machine

      Portable External Defibrillator Machine

      Technical specifications:
      Non-synchronizer: outlife defibrillator
      Sine wave: monophasic technology
      Energy: 0, 20, 50, 100, 160, 250, 300, 360 joule
      Charging time: at 360J less than 10 sec
      Paddle options: reusable external adult paddles
      Power: the mains (AC)and with its built-in battery

    • Hospital Digital Infusion Pump For Sale

      Hospital Digital Infusion Pump For Sale

      1.Infusion mode:rate mode,drip mode
      2. The compact and light weight design
      3. Soft key design, easy to operate
      4. Top indicator light indicating infusion status